House of Prayer Intensive 

Special Focus: The Forerunner Lifestyle and Nightwatch



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This internship opportunity is a 9-week intensive teaching and training programme set in the context of community life with the aim to immerse the students in the core principles of Jesus-Haus: prayer, worship, community, service and mission. Through teaching, study, coaching and practice, students will be challenged to go beyond being one of the crowd to being a radical disciple: living out Kingdom principles from the foundations of covenant family.

With a special focus on The Forerunner Lifestyle and Nightwatch, students will learn about the role of the watchmen and the value of Nightwatch in order to prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of Christ.


Key principles will be:

  • Living & serving from a foundation of intimacy and rest
  • Learning how to watch with the Lord
  • Understanding the times and the seasons (an eternal perspective)
  • Pursuing ‘Oneness’ (John 17)


Jesus-Haus Herrnhut

Prayer, Worship, Community, Service and Mission were the foundational principles of the early Moravians and they form the basis of the Jesus-Haus ministry today. We do not claim to have all the answers but we offer a unique opportunity to spend 9 weeks exploring what it means to live as Kingdom Family in the context of community.

Set in Jesus-Haus, House of Prayer, students will experience first-hand the riches and challenges of living and working in close community. In addition to receiving daily teaching, they will also learn about and participate in the daily rhythm of work, worship & prayer, and take part in outreach opportunities in this 3-countries’ corner region (Germany, Poland, Czech).

Located in Herrnhut, with its’ rich prayer and missions heritage, the school aims to plunge the students into the heart of Christ’s Kingdom message, exploring together:

Foundational Teaching: 

  • Knowledge of God
  • Identity & Sonship
  • The Fruits & the Gifts of the Spirit
  • God’s heart for Israel
  • Covenant Roots
  • Discipleship & Kingdom