What is our vision
for the Jesus-Haus in Herrnhut?

In the introductory words of the “Larger Catechism” of 1648, the assembled spiritual leaders in Westminster asked the question, “What is the chief and highest end of man?” The answer: “Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God and to fully enjoy Him forever.” There is no better way to express this! We truly want to have Jesus as our vision. We want to follow Him, to honour Him with our lives, and to rejoice with Him and in Him as long as we live.

We think it is great that there are innumerable other churches and ministries who could describe themselves in the same way. We don’t want to be set apart from other Christians, but rather see ourselves as a part of the worldwide Body of Christ. However, we also want to fulfill our own specific calling as a congregation. A part of that includes opening the Jesus-Haus to welcome guests from all nations. We want to give people the opportunity to come before God and discover more of His plan for their life. We believe that we are also called to spend time in prayer and worship before God. In these times we often enter into intercession for Germany and the existing churches here in this land. A third part of our calling is in the area of training and preparation of others for Christian service. It is always a joy to see someone sense God’s call on their life and to watch them faithfully follow through with it. Here at the Jesus-Haus we want to be a part of helping to release people into their callings.

Further information about our core values