Unite is a 9-month House of Prayer internship and a gateway to a longer-term commitment to the work at Jesus-Haus Herrnhut. We believe that God wants to send worshippers and those with a servant's heart to help us build up the altar of night and day prayer here in eastern Germany. Come join us in the joys and challenges of pioneer work!

UNITE is a "program" only in the limited sense of the word. The day-to-day focus lies in practical outworking and not in formal teaching. We operate from the perspective that through your previous discipleship training you have already gained the motivation to serve the Lord and are now looking to take the next step to live out what you have learned.

UNITE includes intensive personal discipleship, specialized teaching times, participation in the house of prayer, living in community, learning about the vision of our church, and many opportunities to be active both spiritually and practically!

More information and an application are available through our office.

What past UNITE participants have said. . . .

"The UNITE time was very valuable for me. I grew to better know and love God, the others, and myself. UNITE is a super opportunity to discover and/or try out your gifts and to grow in the life of the church. Rating: Highly Recommended!" (Susanne- Hamburg, DE)

"For me, the UNITE Program was a wonderful opportunity to take my theological knowledge about God, discipleship and mission and to put it into practice in the day to day life of a 'normal' church and ministry.

"Especially valuable to me was the excellent pastoral care from several different, mature people; the community with the other UNITE members; and, most personally, the time with Jesus. The proximity both to the church congregation and to the normal 'unspiritual' world helped me to spread my wings and protected me from narrow-minded thinking and from having tunnel vision.

"To say it in one sentence-- UNITE means laughing, learning, living passionately, leading, loving, laying aside burdens. . . a valuable, formative time that I would not want to have missed in my life." (Christina- Stuttgart, DE)