How can you help us?

We can always use help! God has been so faithful in sending us workers, finances and building materials in a variety of creative ways. The days here are full of activity, but we always love to take time with visitors and people interested in being part of what God is doing here.

For anyone wanting to join in with the work here, there are several options: Restoration Weeks, the H&B Program, and the UNITE Program.

Restoration Weeks

"There's so much to do-- let's get at it!" is a saying, but we have an even better one: "There's so much to do-- let's pray!" Both have their place in the Restoration Weeks. The experience of working together in community during these weeks is so wonderful-- everyone should experience it!

If you are skilled in any of the following areas and have time and energy to invest in the Jesus-Haus project, please contact our building team:

In addition to the planned Restoration Weeks, volunteers are welcome to come (with prior arrangement) at any time to help for a few days. We will gladly provide room and board for volunteers.

More information here.

Current dates for future Restoration Weeks
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Harp & Broom is the short-term intern program at Jesus-Haus Herrnhut. Come and join us for 1-3 months of helping to build the house of prayer (the harp) and serving in our hospitality department or construction team (the broom)!

More information here.


We believe that God is calling long-term staff to the Jesus-Haus. In order for both sides (that is, for us and for the new workers) to have clarity and discernment, we have developed the Unite program.

More information here.