Pentecost 2012: A Voice Shall Go Forth from Zion

Friday evening, 25.05.2012: Aaron Derstine
The Sound of Regional Breakthrough, Part 1
The Sound of Regional Breakthrough, Part 2
The Sound of Regional Breakthrough, Part 3

Saturday morning, 26.05.2012: Piotr Plecha
Breakthrough: Passionate Unity, Part 1
Breakthrough: Passionate Unity, Part 2
Breakthrough: Passionate Unity, Part 3

Saturday afternoon, 26.05.2012
Workshop 1: Norm Frederick, Proclamation Prayer
Workshop 2: Piotr Plecha, Prophetic Worship

Sunday morning, 27.05.2012: Yannick Dahmann
Being a Voice, Part 1
Being a Voice, Part 2
Being a Voice, Part 3
Being a Voice, Part 4
Being a Voice, Part 5

CZH Sunday Morning Service

All sermons are in German unless otherwise specified.

03 April 2011: Renée Derstine, Undivided Worship
with English translation

20 März 2011: Yannick Dahmann, Let us encourage one another!

22 August 2009: Frank Hottenbacher, Unity in the Family of God
with English translation (from the Streams in the Desert Conference)

16 March 2008: Frank Hottenbacher, Psalm 84